Tuesday 22 August 2017

Tigers Run The Economy Of Sawai Madhopur

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Tourism is the only source of income in 'Tiger City' Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan State of India.The whole economy of Sawai Madhopur is dependent on tourism, primarily due to the presence of Ranthambore National Park a tiger sanctuary where tigers are protected from poachers  by the Government as well as the people living in Sawai Madhopur.The 60 odd tigers attract tourists from all over the world. In 2016 number of visitors to Ranthambore National Park touched 400,000.
Lunch At The Ranthambore Bagh

We stayed in the Ranthambore Bagh a Hotel run by Aditya -Dicky-Singh. I believe a dairy was converted into a hotel with the help of the State Government and today it is the closest hotel to tiger sanctuary. Excellent food is served in the lawns with monkeys chattering and playing in the tree tops.
Ranthambore Park Car park

The Ranthombore Bagh
Aditya Singh is an avid wildlife photographer, conservationist, activist and a trained engineer.His images have enthralled many and have given him a following worldwide.  He has lent his expertise to BBC, Nat Geo etc .He has a natural flair for adventure and can keep everybody enthralled with his Tiger Stories which he has in plenty .In one of his tales he told us that when cubs are born the Wildlife department posts   forest guards to ensure that new borns do grow up into strong tigers. When the mother is away the guards go close to the cubs to check them out. During one such check the cub caught hold of the walky talkie antenna. The tug o war which ensued ended with the antenna in the cubs mouth and the remainder of the walkie talky in the Forest  Guards hands. The guard quickly took a selfie from his phone to ensure that he is not debited Rs 10,000 in his next salary. 
Ranthambore Safari Gypsy
Tigers survey their entire territory by walking along their fixed route which they mark by leaving scratch marks on tress along his route and urine spray. If any other tiger ventures into  this territory it is fight unto death. By 8am tigers finish their daily routine and go to sleep inside some bush and then cannot be seen. So get up at 5am. Rush to the sanctuary and enter at 6am. Believe me the bones freeze even with the warmest clothes. 

 At last the gate of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.Earlier it was the gate of the personal hunting ground of the Maharajah of Sawai Madhopur. Once inside the tracker asks you to remain silent because he is trying to listen to the sounds of the jungle. He is trying to hear alarm calls from various animals like deer, monkey-langur,crows etc which they give off upon sighting any big carnivore. These alarm calls allow the fastest of the group to get away but the slowest becomes the prey.

Then came good news. A Tiger had killed a deer, eaten it and gone to sleep close to the road. All the Safari vehicles headed towards the spot and collected there. We had the first look at a wild tiger who was sleeping without a care in the world. Getting off the vehicle was a strict NO. There was an atmosphere of excitement and jubilation because Spotting a tiger in the jungle is considered to be a sort of big victory, feeling of success and satisfaction.               
There was an atmosphere of excitement and jubilation because Spotting a tiger in the jungle is considered to be a sort of big victory, feeling of success and satisfaction. However The drivers of the several Safari Gypsy were looking satisfied. The Trackers were looking smug. The tourists were looking awestruck at seeing a tiger from such close range. Of and on the tail would go up or the ears would twitch leading to oohs and aah. But the real thrill of seeing a Tiger walking in the forest was missing. Not for  long though. 

A deer appeared on the scene grazing towards the sleeping tiger .There was a hushed silence-pin drop. Without realising the deer walked up to the tiger and upon seeing him gave a loud alarm call and made off at high speed.The tiger jumped up , but probably realised his stomach was full and made no efforts to chase. But afternoon siesta was over. He started his walk and went about spraying his ID on the trees and all the jeeps desperately tried to follow him with advice-HOLD FAST. The ride was rough and we had to struggle to not fall off the open gypsy.
The day was made. We had Spotted a Ranthambore tiger, had our share of thrill and adventure and we headed back to the Ranthambore Bagh to boast to  all other travellers over there about our adventure. Their complexion slowly became green.
The next day we checked out and Checked in at the Jhoomar Baori- A Rajasthan Tourism Hotel slap in the middle of the forest-genuinely middle. It was the hunting lodge of the Maharajah in its earlier glorious days.

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