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Kuortane-The Sports Resort of Finland

Hotel Of Kurtane Sports Institute,Finland
Hotel Kuortane Sports Complex 
Located in the western region of Finland, Kuortane is famous for its Sports Institute.The place has a good hotel with well equipped rooms,each having its own sauna, and restaurants serving excellent nourishing meals, of which the breakfast is most elaborate. Finland is the only country in the world which has more sauna baths than its entire population,i.e more than one sauna per person.In winter when the temperature is below Minus 30 C and the Ice on the lakes is more than ten feet thick, the Finns after coming back from office take a Sauna Bath,followed by a dive into a hole in the ice.The water at 4Deg C is much warmer than the air outside. After the swim under the ice ,the evening is rounded off with a meal of sausage and Karhu Beer.Karhu is a Finnish beer with a strong taste and its marketing slogan says "Untamed Karhu is the strongest of its breed". The logo is an oversized  Brown Bear which is also the national animal of Finland.Finland is becoming a top destination among the Scandinavian countries and Kuortane is among the many tourist places.
Seinajoki Railway Station,Finland
Seinajoki Railway Station,Finland
To reach Kuortane we took the Finnair flight from New Delhi to Helsinki Vaanta Airport. Vantaa has been voted best airport of Europe and once of the world also.It is excellent in terms of immigration and baggage handling. Then a train from Helsinki to Seinajoki and finally a cab to the Kuortane Sports Institute.The train in the background at Seinajoki is carrying timber and Finland is one of the biggest suppliers of timber and pulp/paper to Europe.

Reception Of Kuortane Sports Complex Hotel, Finland
The Reception area of the Kuortane Sports Institute Hotel.There is a Bowling Alley in the basement , Gym, Swimming Pool, and internet access . Each apartment has an independent suana which we used extensively. After splashing water for an hour on the electric fire one comes out refreshed,lighter by almost 2Kgs and the metabolism all charged up.
Coffee Shop,Kuortane Sports Complex,Finland
The Coffee Shop,one of the four restaurants at the Kuortane Sports Complex. Kuortane has 8000 inhabitants with a population density of 1 person per 8.6 Sq KMs.
All facilities are self service.
Lake Kuortanejaarvi, Finland
The lake Kuorteenjarvi  behind The Kuortane Sports Institute. Finland has more than 188000 lakes with a lake being a water body more than 500 sq Mtrs.This the terrace of the Lake View Aalto Bar and Restaurant which serves 4 course gourmet meals with Karaoke.
Indoor Gold Course at Kuortane Sports Institue, Finland

Kuortane Sports Institute has a 9 Hole Golf Course which is used in Summer. For winter there is an indoor driving range where the swing can be practised and perfected. A bio mechanical analyser gives a report about the swing.

Indoor Skating Rink at Kuortane Sports Institute, Finland 
The Ice Arena at Kuortane Sports Institute has a 25X58 M ice rink which suits ice skating,figure skating,ice hockey, synchronised skating etc, any Ice Sport. The Ice Arena is open throughout the year.

Indoor Sports Hall,Kuortane, Finland

The Indoor Sports Hall at The Kuortane Sports Institute has facilities for Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Track and Field, Wrestling and Gymnastics.

Mini Spa-The Indoor Swimming Pool,Kuortane, Finland
The Mini Spa has a 25M X4 lane swimming pool, Sauna, Water Massage, Cold Therapy Pool, Jaccuzi and Turkish bath.Teams from all over Finland come to train here.

Waste Ice From The Skating Rink,Kuoratne, Finland

Ice Cream Stall-Tootteroo,Kuortane, Finland
In June the Sunrise is at 4AM and Sunset is at 11PM. At lat. 63Deg North of the equator ,there is almost no night.Only few hours of dusk. There is maximum sale of ice cream in June in Kuortane. Children come to Sports Camps at the Kuortane Sports Insitute from all over Finland.

Boating on the Lake Kuorteenjarvi, Kuortane, Finland
Stroll In the Pine Forest,Kuortane, Finland
The Surrounding Pine Forest Abode of Karhu- The Brown Bear 


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