Monday 30 January 2012

Nagpur-The Orange City of India

Nagpur Orange Wholesale Market

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Nagpur,located at the exact center of India on the Deccan Plateau is famous for its Juicy oranges-known as Nagpur Mandarin-,so much so that Nagpur has earned the sobriquet The Orange City. The NRCC-National Research Center for Citrus,also located in Nagpur has done some excellent work to increase the yield and taste of the Nagpur Mandarin(Nagpur Orange) .The soil and climate of the Vidarbha region is ideal for the cultivation of oranges with the  season lasting from  October to February.India has become a top destination for travellers all over the world and the Orange City with its tourist attractions as described below has become a popular tourist place.
Zero Mile Marker, Nagpur

Nagpur lies at the exact  geographical center of India and the precise point is marked by the Zero MileStone. All distances in India are calculated from here and the distances of many major cities of India are engraved on the pillar.The Zero Milestone  is the geographical heart of India. Nagpur also is the winter capital of Maharashtra and therefore has a Vidhan Sabha, alongwith a  Nagpur bench of the High court and the Reseve bank of India.

All India Radio, Nagpur
Akashvani-The Hindi (Devnagari) name for All India Radio- is the national radio broadcaster. In Nagpur there is a 1 MW transmitter broadcasting at a frequency of 1566Khz.

The Ambazari Park
     The Ambazari Garden has several amusements which children can enjoy. There is a musical fountain which rises & falls creating a beautiful symphony of music & water. 

Children can enjoy a ride on the mini train, swing along with the Columbus boat or play on a fighter aircraft. The structure of a mammoth dinosaur at the entrance is a popular draw among kids & tourists alike.

The Ambazari Lake, Nagpur
Ambazari Lake is a picnic spot popular among  locals & tourists alike , who throng to the place during the  weekends and the evenings. A pleasant  boat ride can be enjoyed on the Ambazari Lake.
Futala Lake, Nagpur
Futala lake ,once used only for washing cattle has been developed into the most popular tourist place in Nagpur.At night multicolored lights and two red fountains and one white but very tall liven up the place which draws more than a thousand visitors daily.
Restaurants Opposite Futalal Lake, Nagpur
Opposite the Futala Lake esplanade there are several restaurants and these along with road side vendors convert the  Futala Lake tourist place into an enjoyable picnic spot.

Hanuman Temple, Telankhedi Nagpur
 The Sankat Mochan Temple of Nagpur attracts devotees and pilgrims of all age groups for deliverance from their individual problems.
Kalyaneshwar Shiv Temple, Telankhedi, Nagpur
The 400 years old Telankhedi Shiv Temple draws devotees of Lord Shiva ,the fascinating and powerful diety of the Hindu trinity who represents death and dissolution.
The Tekdi Ganpati Temple
Tekdi means hill,and this temple of Lord Ganesha is more than 250 years old. Lord Ganesha is regarded as the remover of obstacles and also the Lord of Beginings. More than 5000 devotees attend the temple daily and the number goes upto 10,000 on Ganesha Chaturthi. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the celebrity devotees and he gets a  good score  everytime he prays here.

Heritage Sites ,Nagpur
Japanese Garden, Nagpur
Green and Refreshing the Japanese garden has iron structures which give it the name of Japanese garden.
Inside Japanese Garden,Nagpur
The refreshing atmosphere inside the Japanese garden makes it the ideal place or a healthy and brisk morning walk.
The Maharajbagh Botanical Garden
The Maharajbagh Botanical Garden ,located in the center of the city,is a bio-diversity park with a zoo having various animals inside it.

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Meandering Nag River,Nagpur
The Nag river meanders like a Cobra across the Deccan Plateau and flows through the middle of Nagpur. The course of the river resembles a cobra which is called Nag in Hindi and hence the name Nagpur.

The Deekshabhumi Stupa is an important Budhist Religious Place for Budhists in Nagpur.

Nagpur is famous for its oranges and the whole sale market is known as Mohan Patel Orange Market. Just for idea sake we purchased 200 Oranges for Rs 1000(US$20) and they weighed 25 Kgs. An 8Kg Box of green table grapes cost Rs 350( US$7).
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The video below gives some feel about the market.

Orange Market Video


Monday 23 January 2012

Kashmir-Top Destinations of India

Snow Capped Mountains
Described with words like Paradise on Earth, Heaven on Earth, Kashmir has long been the top destination of Kings and Rulers, the Rich and the Famous from the times of the Great Mughals who left their mark by building some excellent lush green gardens like Shalimar, Nishat, Chasme Shahi etc.
·          In the middle of Srinagar (Capital of Jammu and Kashmir) is the famous Dal Lake with its famous House Boats which offer excellent accommodation. The British Army Officers when they came to Srinagar in the nineteenth century were not allowed to build houses and so they came up with the concept of houseboats. One can explore and enjoy the Dal Lake by taking Shikara (special narrow boat like the gondolas of Venice) Rides. Besides the houseboats Srinagar has hotels from 5 star top of the range to tourist lodges. The Srinagar tourist places include The Dal Lake (it freezes over in winter sometimes), Shankaracharya Temple, Hari Parbat, Mughal Gardens and Parimahal. Srinagar is located in a valley and is surrounded by snow capped mountains all around.
·         Sonmarg, meaning Golden Meadow, 3 hours away on the Leh Road, is an exciting tourist place and as you approach it the Ice can be seen piled 10 ft high on both sides. A 30 minutes horse ride takes you up to the snow glaciers and you can walk up the snow glacier, have a cup of hot salty Kahwa tea, and come down at high speed riding a snow sled like a roller coaster. Sonmarg is at the head of the River Sind and famous for Trout fishing. If looking for adventure, Sonmarg would be the top destination in Kashmir.
·         Pahalgam -3 hours from Srinagar-with its Lidder River(White Water Rafting and Trout Fishing can be enjoyed) is the starting point of the annual Yatra-pilgrimage –to the holy cave with breath taking scenery at various tourist places on the way like Chandanbari, Sheshnag, Panchtarni with the snow and ice increasing as you climb higher and the temperature falling .
·         Gulmarg-being promoted at the Top Destination of Kashmir-is beautiful and its name means Road of Flowers-inspired by the beautiful wild flowers growing amongst the green meadows. The cable car ride up to Khilanmarg especially adds to the fun. Gulmarg boasts the highest green golf course in the world at 8000 feet. In the winter months Gulmarg transforms into a Ski Resort. The gentle slopes of Gulmarg make an ideal ski resort.
·          A Kashmir visit is also a culinary delight with its Wazwan cuisine which includes delicacies like Gustaba (Meat ball curry), Rogan josh (Mutton Curry), Kashmiri/Zafrani Pulav (saffron flavored rice with nuts) being the most popular dishes. At weddings a 36 Course Meal is served which consists mainly of meat-mutton, chicken, beef- based dishes. The vegetarian dishes are Kashmiri Dum Aloo (potato) and Haak (Spinach) served with Kashmiri Pulav. The people are warm, friendly and unassuming. The ladies are especially charming and pretty. 
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Saturday 14 January 2012

Vaasa-The Sunniest City Of Finland

Statue Of Liberty,Vaasa,Finland
Founded in 1606 on the West Coast of what is now Finland, by King Charles of Sweden, Vassa was renamed several times because of language change(Swedish-Finnish), political decisions(Sweden-Russia-Finland), alternate spelling etc(Vasa-Vaasa). From1855 to 1918 when Finland was under Russian domination,Vaasa was named Nikolainkapunki. In1918 Finland gained independence and Nikolainpunki promptly became Vaasa and a Statue Of Liberty was erected in the Main Square of the City Centre.
Sculpture In Vaasa,Finland

The Sculpture in the City centre with the Vaasa Church in the background.The church was consecrated in 1869 and is built in the British Neo Gothic style with a seating capacity of 900.Vaasa has recently developed into a tourist attraction with tourists from all parts of the world coming to The Sunniest City of Finland. Vaasa offers several sporting and outdoor activities.

City Centre,Vaasa Finland

The City Centre is the centre of city life in Vaasa. The Market Square in the City Centre is a major shopping center with several super stores offerring the best and top selling brands of garments, cosmetics, fashion accessories and electronic gizmos. There are military bands playing and marching in the market square to add to the gaiety of the place. market Square also has many restaurants offerring Finnish cuisine and there is a McDonalds also which serves its combo meals for 8 Euro. For comparison the McDonalds in India sell the same meal for 2.6 Euro.

Gulf Of Bothnia,Vaasa, Finland
Vaasa is a sea side city located at the narrowest point of the Gulf Of Bothnia making it an important between Sweden and Finland.The population of is mainly Swedish and Finnish and so is the language giving the city its Nordic culture. Since there are many international tourists visiting Vaasa at all times, the city also has an international flavour to it with tourists being welcomes wholeheartedly. 

Kvarken Archipelago,Finland
Outside of Vasa on the sea you will find many islands. That is the Kvarken Archipelago, which is set on the list of World Nature Heritages of the UNESCO.This unique stony archipelago has been created by continuing land uplift after the melting of the continental ice sheet 10,000 to 24,000 years ago. Numbering some 5,600 islands and islets, the area extends approximately 70 km in an east-west direction, and 60 km in a north south direction.The guide told us that sometimes when a new island appears ,there is some confusion whether it is in Sweden or Finland.

Kalaranta Passenger Quay,Vaasa,Finland
This is the Kalaranta Passenger Quay from where the MS Tiira starts its 3 hour cruise of the Kvarken Archipelago.

Ms TIIRA cruising in Kvarken Archipelago,Finland
MS TIIRA Cruising in Kvarken Archilelago,Finland
The Rocks are growing at the rate of 10mm per year and it needs a thorough knowledge of the water to steer the boat between the rocks. Finns take to the water naturally. There are more boats in Finland than the number of cars.All households have at least one.

While sailing in the  the archipelago one can admire the typical Finnish Summer Cottages, including their unique  local architecture.There is also a very well preserved fishing village.The children can be seen jumping and swimming in the icy water and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
Kuusisaari Island, Kvarken, Finland
Midway through the cruise MS Tiira stopped at Kuusisaari island,one of the bigger ones out of 5600 in the Kvarken Archipelago. It appeared to be a popular place judging from the number of water scooters tied all around the place. In winter when the water freezes,snow scooters/snow mobiles are used to visit Kuusisaari Island.  
Janne's Saloon Restaurant at Kuusisaari Island,Kvarken,Finland.

At Kuusisaari island there is an excellent restaurant ,Janne's Saloon. It has facility for hosting conferences,training and business meetings also.There is a tub for hot water bathing in the open.The menu at the restaurant has all kinds of salads,vegetables, shrimp, herring etc with the main courses being White Fish-fried or raw salted, Pan Fried salmon, Fillet steak and Sauteed Reindeer.

Ms TIIRA,Kvarken,Finland

After an hour at Kuusisaari island the M/s TIIRA started back to the Kalantara Quay but following a different route which was crowded with boats of all kinds-most notable were the speed boats moving at really high speeds ,invariably with a couple of dogs also enjoying the ride.

The Heseburger Outlet at Vaasa. Heseburger is the local competetion to McDonalds and with  more than 200  outlets in Finland,it has a larger presence in Finland as compared to the US McDonalds. Known by the name Hese its menu offerrings are the same as McDonalds but the flavor is different, I would say Nordic.

We just managed to reach the Vaasa Railway station to board the last train to Seinajoki at 830PM . Just note the absence of passengers at the railway station of the 3rd largest city of the region.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Kuortane-The Sports Resort of Finland

Hotel Of Kurtane Sports Institute,Finland
Hotel Kuortane Sports Complex 
Located in the western region of Finland, Kuortane is famous for its Sports Institute.The place has a good hotel with well equipped rooms,each having its own sauna, and restaurants serving excellent nourishing meals, of which the breakfast is most elaborate. Finland is the only country in the world which has more sauna baths than its entire population,i.e more than one sauna per person.In winter when the temperature is below Minus 30 C and the Ice on the lakes is more than ten feet thick, the Finns after coming back from office take a Sauna Bath,followed by a dive into a hole in the ice.The water at 4Deg C is much warmer than the air outside. After the swim under the ice ,the evening is rounded off with a meal of sausage and Karhu Beer.Karhu is a Finnish beer with a strong taste and its marketing slogan says "Untamed Karhu is the strongest of its breed". The logo is an oversized  Brown Bear which is also the national animal of Finland.Finland is becoming a top destination among the Scandinavian countries and Kuortane is among the many tourist places.
Seinajoki Railway Station,Finland
Seinajoki Railway Station,Finland
To reach Kuortane we took the Finnair flight from New Delhi to Helsinki Vaanta Airport. Vantaa has been voted best airport of Europe and once of the world also.It is excellent in terms of immigration and baggage handling. Then a train from Helsinki to Seinajoki and finally a cab to the Kuortane Sports Institute.The train in the background at Seinajoki is carrying timber and Finland is one of the biggest suppliers of timber and pulp/paper to Europe.

Reception Of Kuortane Sports Complex Hotel, Finland
The Reception area of the Kuortane Sports Institute Hotel.There is a Bowling Alley in the basement , Gym, Swimming Pool, and internet access . Each apartment has an independent suana which we used extensively. After splashing water for an hour on the electric fire one comes out refreshed,lighter by almost 2Kgs and the metabolism all charged up.
Coffee Shop,Kuortane Sports Complex,Finland
The Coffee Shop,one of the four restaurants at the Kuortane Sports Complex. Kuortane has 8000 inhabitants with a population density of 1 person per 8.6 Sq KMs.
All facilities are self service.
Lake Kuortanejaarvi, Finland
The lake Kuorteenjarvi  behind The Kuortane Sports Institute. Finland has more than 188000 lakes with a lake being a water body more than 500 sq Mtrs.This the terrace of the Lake View Aalto Bar and Restaurant which serves 4 course gourmet meals with Karaoke.
Indoor Gold Course at Kuortane Sports Institue, Finland

Kuortane Sports Institute has a 9 Hole Golf Course which is used in Summer. For winter there is an indoor driving range where the swing can be practised and perfected. A bio mechanical analyser gives a report about the swing.

Indoor Skating Rink at Kuortane Sports Institute, Finland 
The Ice Arena at Kuortane Sports Institute has a 25X58 M ice rink which suits ice skating,figure skating,ice hockey, synchronised skating etc, any Ice Sport. The Ice Arena is open throughout the year.

Indoor Sports Hall,Kuortane, Finland

The Indoor Sports Hall at The Kuortane Sports Institute has facilities for Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Track and Field, Wrestling and Gymnastics.

Mini Spa-The Indoor Swimming Pool,Kuortane, Finland
The Mini Spa has a 25M X4 lane swimming pool, Sauna, Water Massage, Cold Therapy Pool, Jaccuzi and Turkish bath.Teams from all over Finland come to train here.

Waste Ice From The Skating Rink,Kuoratne, Finland

Ice Cream Stall-Tootteroo,Kuortane, Finland
In June the Sunrise is at 4AM and Sunset is at 11PM. At lat. 63Deg North of the equator ,there is almost no night.Only few hours of dusk. There is maximum sale of ice cream in June in Kuortane. Children come to Sports Camps at the Kuortane Sports Insitute from all over Finland.

Boating on the Lake Kuorteenjarvi, Kuortane, Finland
Stroll In the Pine Forest,Kuortane, Finland
The Surrounding Pine Forest Abode of Karhu- The Brown Bear 

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Places To Travel: Exotic Holiday Destinations

Travel is the enjoyable action of leaving one’s place of residence for an extended trip, one which results in a totally new and exciting experience. One can keep travelling for the whole life and still there will be places left unvisited. The desire to explore and see new things is fundamental to human nature and results in travelling. Travel may be undertaken for any of the following purposes.
  1. Business-Meetings, Trade Promotion etc.
  2. Recreation-Pleasure trips, Amusement, Vacationing, Spend free time-basically Fun.
  3. Pilgrimage-Travelling to a Holy Land or Shrine for spiritual gain.
  4. Migration-Change in place of residence
  5. Research-Collecting and gathering information, surveys etc.
Whichever out of the five listed above may be the reason for travelling it leaves you with a completely different view of the world. Travelling gives an opportunity for absorbing the culture of the place visited, meet people, smell the air, experiment with the local cuisine, experience the traffic, see the fashion, study the architecture, learn the history and stories, experience the local politics,-in general a completely authentic and enriching experience.
Some places are visited for events like The Olympic Games, for the Scenery like Switzerland, for the Occasions like Destination Weddings/Honeymoons, for Wildlife like Africa and India, for adventure like Skydiving or Deep Sea Diving (where some amount of risk is involved).All of these give an opportunity to explore different places in the world and also provide an incredible learning experience regarding life styles, cultures, people, places etc. Foreign locales vary widely from where one is used to living and travelling gives an opportunity to find out how cultures and people live in those places.
Places have Geographical features which are exclusive and unique. Places have been around for thousands of years and have accumulated a rich history and associated culture, art, architecture and folklore. It is not possible to experience these through books or internet. The places have to be travelled to get the authentic experience. At some point in life, after college, after retirement, during business trips, during holidays, an extended trip outside your country of residence will make you see the world for yourself.
With an increasingly global economy international travel experience is an asset which can be a major advantage in a competitive situation.
There are known and important places which are frequently visited e.g. London, New York and major capitals of Europe and North America. These places have become an amalgamation of different cultures and visitors also become a part of the same. However, close to the same places and in the same countries, are less known places which have a distinct and unique culture and these exotic places are in general more fun mainly because what you see there is something new and about which not much has been written. The author writes about such places based on his personal experiences during visits to these places. Visit Places to Travel at

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Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Agra Fort,Agra,India

Amar Singh Gate of Agra Fort Agra
The First gate of the Amar Singh Entrance of the Agra Fort
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The Great Mughals lived and governed their empire from the Agra Fort. Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangjeb all lived here and added to or modified the Agra Fort over 95 years. It consists of two walls between which is a moat that once had hungry crocodiles waiting for any attacker to fall into the water.The wooden drawbridge and gate were operated by well trained elephants.Between the Inner wall and the residential area is another walled ring  which had fierce tigers  roaming freely and also hungrily waiting for attackers. The three gates faced in different directions and were not in a staright line so that any charge of elephants or horses would have to slow down. These additions were done mainly by Aurangzeb, the last of the Great Mughals, because he faced the maximum opposition and also because he ascended the throne by killing his three elder brothers and imprisoning his father Saha Jahan. The Mughals were originally from Persia,but Babur's mother was Mongol and therefore they were named The Mughals. 
The Second Gate of The Agra Fort

Babur, the founder of the Mughal Dynasty came to the fort first time in 1530 after his victory against Ibrahim Lodhi. After 26 years of struggle in which the Mughals lost and gained the Agra fort a couple of times,Akbar finally established his Capital at the Agra fort and started the first massive construction which was completed in 8 years. 
He also started the amalgamation process by marrying an Indian Princess and settled down in the Agra fort along with his 9 ministers cum advisors (Akbars Navratans or Gems)to Rule,Govern,Administer and expand his army, empire and family.
The Third And Innerrmost Gate Of The Agra Fort  Agra
The Agra Fort was visited by many dignatories, famous travelers ,ambassadors and to welcome them flowers were showered upon them from the windows at the top of the gate  and drummers who used to sit just behind the doors.
Emperor Jehangir's Bedroom Inside Agra Fort

Nothing much remains of Akbar's residence because it was destroyed in an assault by the Raja(Ruler) of neighbouring Bharatpur, but Jehangir's residnece is still very much here.The Mughals did not have any doors in their rooms or houses and used Persian rugs and carpets to keep the elements out.Also no men other than the Emperor was allowed in the residential area with hundreds of maids attending to them.

The Queen's Summer Residence
The summer residence had double walls which had water flowing between them and also there were specially designed inclined windows which used to direct the hot summer wind , cooled over the water, into the room.The Red Sandstone is impervious and water resistant and is used for water proofing in basements etc even today.

Shah Jahan's Residence In Agra Fort

Emperor Shah Jahan's Bedroom
Jehangir was succeeded by Shah Jahan and by that time the Mughal Empire was extremely rich and powerful.Shah Jahan built his residence in the fort using white marble(Makrana) and later went on to build the Taj Mahal and the Delhi Red Fort.Shah Jahan's palace is built on a grand scale with fountains and flower gardens in front of it.The paintings and inlay work on the bedroom walls and ceiling is not well preserved but visitors can have an idea about what it would have been when constructed.

The Walls &Ceiling of Shah Jahan's Palace, Agra Fort 

Gardens inside Agra Fort Agra
Gardens Outside Shah Jahan's Palace Inside Agra Fort

This is a Video of Shah Jahan's palace showing the scale of the gardens and the fountains outside.
gate of Bath House of Queen Mumtaz Mahal
The Door of the Sheesh Mahal(Mirror Palace)

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This is a Video of Shah Jahan's palace showing the scale of the gardens and the fountains outside.
The water tank at the highest point was used for the fountains as well as Queen Mumtaz Mahal's Bath and Spa.The Taj Mahal was built for Mumtaz Mahal.
It was called the Sheesh Mahal(Palace of Mirrors) and it had millions of small mirrors fixed on the walls and they used to show millions of similar images and in the darkness gave the impression of stars twinkling all around.The mirrors were specially imported from Belgium.
Inside The Sheesh Mahal

The Twinkling Of The Mirriors In The Candle Light.
AVideo of the Mirrors twinkling in Candle Light.

Water heater in Sheesh Mahal at Agra Fort Agra
Water Heating Arrangement With 24 Candles,Agra fort,Agra
The water heating arrangement with 40 candles and water flowing behind the wall.For the Royal Bath the Queen would sit on a swing suspended in the air and water jets at the controlled temperature would shoot at her from fountains located below ,on the four sides and the top.Mumtaz Mahal gave birth to fourteen children of whom only six survived.Four sons and two daughters.The sons fought each other in a bloody war of succession in which Aurangzeb killed his three elder brothers.The daughters,Roshnara and Jahanara ,could not get married because who would may the Emperor's daughters. They asked for the money which would have been spent on their marriages,got it, and used it to build the Jama Masjids in Delhi and Agra.

Akbar's Seat In The Diwan e Khas
For governance there was a Diwan e Khas where the Emperor would meet his council of ministers and the Diwan e Aam which was for the public.
Jehangir's Seat In The Diwan e Khaas
Shah Jahan's seat,The Peacock throne is today in Iran as it was looted by the Persian invader Nadir Shah in 1738 when the power of the Mughal Empire was on the decline after Aurangzeb's death in 1707.
Shah Jahan's Jail,Agra Fort ,Agra
This is the building in which the old and frail Shah Jahan was incarcerated  by his son Aurangzeb. He spent the last 8 years of his life gazing at his favourite Taj Mahal with his fading eye sight from the windows of this jail.
Machli Mahal at Agra Fort Agra
Machli Mahal or Fish Palace,Agra Fort,Agra
This the Machli Mahal or Fish Palace ,so called because instead of the grass there used to be a huge tank of water with beautiful colorful fish swimming in it.Around the tank there were government offices on the first floor and the Royal Treasury and the Royal Mint on the ground floor and basement.In 1880 the British filled the tank with mud and planted grass because filling the tank with water and taking care of the fish was a difficult job. There is no record of what happened to the hungry crocodiles and the ferocious tigers. The water in the tanks for the fountains,fish tank, fountains was filled continously in the overhead tank by water carriers using leather bags.
The Diwan e Aam,Agra Fort, Agra
This is the Diwan e aam or public court where the emperor was seated at a height,the ministers at each pillar and the public outside in the courtyard.Some kind of echo system was used because standing in the courtyard outside one can clearly hear what is being talked in normal tones inside.
75% of The Agra Fort is with the army and not accessible to visitors.

Gulshan Dhaba at Kosi

The old road from Delhi to Agra is well maintained and the distance of 200 KMs can be covered in about 4 hours. There several Dhabas(Road side eateries), Tourist Complexes and McDonalds on the way to cater to all kinds of choice for breakfast or lunch.

Friendly Elephant at Dab Chick Tourist Complex ,Hodal 

There is now a new super highway for reaching the Taj mahal from Delhi. The Yamuna Expressway is a 6-lane , 205 km long, controlled-access expressway, connecting Greater Noida with Agra in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is India's one of the longest six-lane controlled-access expressway stretch. The total project cost was US$2.0 billion -Rs 13000 Crore.
The 6 lane Yamuna Expressway to Agra

McDonalds at Mathura refinery
McDonalds at Mathura Refinery

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In a first for military aviation in India, Indian Air Force on May 21, 2015 successfully landed a French Dassault Mirage-2000 on the Yamuna Expressway near Raya village, Mathura, at about 6.40 am. The drill was part of more elaborate trials to see how many other highways can be used for emergency landing of defence aircraft. The next stretch on sight is three km of the Agra-Lucknow Greenfield Expressway.

Mirage Landing on Yamuna Expressway- Video