Wednesday 4 January 2012

Places To Travel: Exotic Holiday Destinations

Travel is the enjoyable action of leaving one’s place of residence for an extended trip, one which results in a totally new and exciting experience. One can keep travelling for the whole life and still there will be places left unvisited. The desire to explore and see new things is fundamental to human nature and results in travelling. Travel may be undertaken for any of the following purposes.
  1. Business-Meetings, Trade Promotion etc.
  2. Recreation-Pleasure trips, Amusement, Vacationing, Spend free time-basically Fun.
  3. Pilgrimage-Travelling to a Holy Land or Shrine for spiritual gain.
  4. Migration-Change in place of residence
  5. Research-Collecting and gathering information, surveys etc.
Whichever out of the five listed above may be the reason for travelling it leaves you with a completely different view of the world. Travelling gives an opportunity for absorbing the culture of the place visited, meet people, smell the air, experiment with the local cuisine, experience the traffic, see the fashion, study the architecture, learn the history and stories, experience the local politics,-in general a completely authentic and enriching experience.
Some places are visited for events like The Olympic Games, for the Scenery like Switzerland, for the Occasions like Destination Weddings/Honeymoons, for Wildlife like Africa and India, for adventure like Skydiving or Deep Sea Diving (where some amount of risk is involved).All of these give an opportunity to explore different places in the world and also provide an incredible learning experience regarding life styles, cultures, people, places etc. Foreign locales vary widely from where one is used to living and travelling gives an opportunity to find out how cultures and people live in those places.
Places have Geographical features which are exclusive and unique. Places have been around for thousands of years and have accumulated a rich history and associated culture, art, architecture and folklore. It is not possible to experience these through books or internet. The places have to be travelled to get the authentic experience. At some point in life, after college, after retirement, during business trips, during holidays, an extended trip outside your country of residence will make you see the world for yourself.
With an increasingly global economy international travel experience is an asset which can be a major advantage in a competitive situation.
There are known and important places which are frequently visited e.g. London, New York and major capitals of Europe and North America. These places have become an amalgamation of different cultures and visitors also become a part of the same. However, close to the same places and in the same countries, are less known places which have a distinct and unique culture and these exotic places are in general more fun mainly because what you see there is something new and about which not much has been written. The author writes about such places based on his personal experiences during visits to these places. Visit Places to Travel at

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