Tuesday 21 February 2012

The North East States- Seven Beautiful Sisters In India

The Seven Sisters, states namely Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh comprise the North eastern States of India, each having its own individual characteristics(based on which the area was divided) but also having the same overall culture and interdependence.India has become a top destination among places to travel and the North East is one of the popular tourist places. 
1. The highlights of any trip to Gauhati (Capital of Assam) are the Cruise on the River Brahmaputra with forest covered hills rising on both sides of the river and a Wildlife Trip to the Orang and Kaziranga National Park abode of the one horned Rhinoceros. The Kamakhya Temple-atop the Nilachal Hill- with its tantric rites and animal sacrifice does need a strong heart. Jatinga is the place where birds commit suicide and the most renowned scientists and ornithologist have till today not been able to explain the strange phenomenon.
2. Shillong, capital of Meghalaya, 3 hours by road from Gauhati and having numerous mountains, lakes, waterfalls, caves and gardens has been described as the “Scotland Of The East”. The town at a height of 4500 feet earlier was the Capital of undivided Assam and was developed by the British from 1870 onwards accordingly. The Shillong Peak at 6000 feet is worth visiting for the panoramic view and Cherapunji has the record of being the wettest place on earth with rainfall measured in feet. Rain is mostly at night with days being sunny and bright.
3. Tripura, with its capital at Agartala, has a small area but large population. Tripura shares its boundary on 3 sides with Bangladesh and Assam on the fourth. Tripura is famous for its magnificent palaces out of which Neermahal-water palace-built in the middle of the Rudra Sagar lake is the most adventurous because the only way to approach it is by motor boat
4. Manipur with its capital Imphal-14 hours by road from Gauhati-is surrounded by forest covered hills on all sides. The roads are narrow and surrounded by forests and mountains on all sides. The wild life is typical with some rare species of Deer. Being close to Burma border, the markets are flooded with cheap imported goods. Lake Loktak, 46 KMs from Imphal is an important tourist spot with its floating huts and fishing activities.
5. Mizoram-Land of the Hill People –has its capital at Aizawl and is also referred to as Scotland of The East. It shares its boundary with Bangladesh and Myanmar being the southernmost state of the Northeast .Rolling hills, thick bamboo forests, lakes, rivers, morning mist are the main characteristics of the Highlands. The forests have a large and rich variety of fauna from tigers, elephants, deer etc. Main tourist attractions are the various Lakes (each lake has an enchanting story) and several National Parks and Tiger Reserves.
6. Nagaland with capital at Kohima is home to the people of the warrior Naga tribe. It is also the eastern corner of India and shares the international boundary with Myanmar .The warm and hospitable Nagas are friendly and welcome tourists. Kohima was the place e where the Japanese and British fought fiercely across Tennis Court in the DC Bungalow. The Tennis Court battle was the turning point in the war in the east and there are relics from the time like Tank Museum, WWII Cemetery, DC Bungalow etc. The highest point is 12000 ft high. Overall the terrain is mountainous and covered with forests. Dance, Song and Music are an integral and important part of Naga culture.
7. Arunachal Pradesh shares its boundary with Myanmar, Bhutan, Assam and China. The whole area is claimed by China with India hotly contesting the claim. The mountains become higher as you move north into the Himalayas. The name means the Land of the Dawn Lit Mountains. There is heavy army presence everywhere. Twang, located at 10,000 ft is the northern most towns and has the best views of the mountains, and is a must for visitors. The North Eastern States are about pristine natural beauty which has not suffered much human interference.
The capitals of the 7 states are connected by air and road and soon will be connected by rail also. The flight from Delhi to Gauhati is about 3 hours.
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