Tuesday 26 December 2017

Why Homestay Is An Excellent Option In India

India Is Famous for The Taj Mahal
Staying in a Homestay in India you get better facilities than you would be getting in a Hotel for the same money. Atithi Devo Bhava- Guest Is Like God. This phrase exactly sums up the sentiments of a person who decides to open up his home for a guest. The Host will meticulously go about setting up the amenities and facilities to ensure he has a flawless (in his perception) setup where his guests can have an exceptional experience during their Homestay.
You also get to experience the local food if you are having a meal cooked in the hosts kitcen.If you are using the kitchen provided in the Homestay to cook your own meals  you get the opportunity to explore various kinds of raw materials, vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry available locally in the markets and superstores, flavorings, spices etc.I have found these vary from country to country to a very large extent This adds to your local experience and you are doing all this within the safety of your hosts home.

India Is Also famous Fpr The Royal Bengal Tigers

When you go out for a walk in the neighborhood you get to know the real feel of the city life and how people live in the local streets and markets. You hear the language as it is spoken in the streets, you get to smell the scents and the, well, stinks of the city. You get to meet and buy small items from the hawkers and street sellers and maybe chat with them also. You can experience the ride in the local rickshaws, battery rickshaws or the scooter auto rickshaws. You get the feel of the city which you not get in the sterile atmosphere of 5* hotels. Basically  when you live in a Homestay you immerse in the local culture.
There are some things which you cannot see or hear. You can only feel them. The way people talk to each other, husband- wife, father- son, mother- daughter or daughter in law, family friends etc and these also vary widely from county to country and may be city to city. The regard and respect which they have for each other and for their guests , how they express those feelings can be felt only by staying in a Homestay.
In India hosts are mostly very perceptive and will judge exactly what level of privacy and familiarity the gust desires and will diligently ensure that the guest feels as comfortable as possible. The requirements of guests vary from person to person and this where the host plays the major role of understanding those requirements and fulfilling them.

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