Sunday 11 December 2011

Holiday in Costa Del Sol

The Mediterranean at Costa Del Sol
Costa del Sol translates into Coast of the Sun and is a region in the south of Spain on the Northern coastline of the Mediterranean sea.It  has the warmest winter of Europe and therefore people living in the dark and freezing countries of  north Europe head to this region for a week long holiday in Costa Del Sol for its sun and warmth.For this reason Spain has become a top destination and Costa Del Sol the most popular tourist place.
Beach at Costa Del Sol
 Tourists from Asia had to wear warm clothes in the month of December but most of the other  tourists were roaming around wearing beach clothes and spending the whole day in the non heated swimming pool from 7AM on wards. British Airways flies  to Malaga via London in about 14 hours of flying time with a 6 hour break at Heathrow London. Malaga International Airport is an extremely busy airport with Spain being No.2 rank  in terms of tourist arrivals in Europe and No4 in the world.
Club La Costa Spain     
Club la Costa is an excellent resort in Costa Del Sol   which has heated and non heated swimmimg pools which were overflowing with swimmers and in December,with Christmas just a week away ,the temperature was awarm 17 DegC.The resort has  excellent restaurants serving Spanish food accompanied by pitchers of Sangria wine/cocktail.The extensive sea-food spread consisting of fish, crab, lobster , the fresh morning catch from the Mediterranean,was especially exotic. For entertainment there is a show of Spanish Flamenco Dance in which the guests were also invited to take part. You can  find  a video of the same show at the same Club la Costa restaurant by the  name Club la Costa Flamenco Nights on You Tube. 
Club la Costa Restaurant at Costa Del Sol, Spain
Flamenco dance comes in many forms one of which was traditionally performed impromptu around a fire at dinner time by the Gypsies and another in which there is a ballet or a theatre kind of  performance . Flamenco involves vigorous and rhythmic tapping of both feet and complex arm movements. Artists become experts only by the age of thirty and perform upto the age of fifty because maturity is an essential part of Flamenco. 

Plaza Mayor, Costa Del Sol, Spain
Close to the Malaga International  Airport ,about 30 Minutes by train from  Fuengirola is Plaza Mayor  one of the largest leisure cum entertainment cum shopping and dining center. For the first time we saw a movie in 3D I MAX format. It was about marine life but it felt like we were under the ocean ourselves surrounded by all kinds of underwater creatures of the deep. 
Fountains at Plaza Mayor, Costa Del Sol, Spain
In addition there are all kinds of restaurants, bars, fast food, shopping, games, bowling alleys, discos  , Gyms and fountains -an overall lively and exciting place where a full day can be spent.    
Architecture at Plaza Mayor, Costa Del Sol, Spain
The architecture of Plaza Mayor is traditional with its building facades, streets, squares, green spaces , roofs creating the feel and style of an Andulasian Village. If you are not sunbathing on the beach or the weather is bad ,the best place to spend the day in Costa del Sol is at Plaza Mayor.  
Cable Car, Benamadina, Costa Del Sol, Spain
 Another major tourist attraction of a holiday in Costa del Sol is the cable car system at Benamadina which takes you up into the mountains to a height of 2500 ft in 15 minutes in a 4 seater Cable car.  The destination is the peak of the Monte Calmorro among the Sierra Nevada group of mountains.

4 Seater Cable Car

From the peak ,on a clear day one can see from strategically placed viewing points , the entire Costa del Sol region including the snow covered peaks to the north and Gibraltar also. 

There is a superstitious belief that if the monkeys on Gibraltar vanish, Gibraltar will no longer be a British Territory.During WWII Winston Churchill tried increase the population of the monkeys(Barbary Macquakes is the technical term) by importing them by the hundreds from Africa.

Donkey at Mount Benamadina, Spain
In addition to the viewing gallery there are Donkey Rides also included in the Cable Car Ticket. 

The more adventurous can climb down on foot or if feeling more energetic Mountain Bike down all the way.By the way the cable cars can carry bikes also.
Walk Down From Mount Benamadina, Spain
While coming down on the cable car ,we saw that almost all houses-100%- had a small or big swimming pool on the roof. Spain is one of the top destinations and Costa Del Sol has excellent tourist places around it. 
Costa Del Sol and Mediterranean from Mount Benamadina
A holiday in Costa Del Sol is one of the best ways to explore the Sun and Beaches of Spain.                                                                                

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