Monday 19 December 2011

Ronda -The Most Startling City of Spain

Ronda,situated in the most mountainous area of Spain, is indeed the most startling city of Spain.The Bus Tour from Malaga to Ronda passes through Fuengirola and then the  road  heads up into the hills.As the bus climbs into the hills the long Mediterranean coast can be seen for along time. 
El Navasillo Restaurant
Two hours after starting the tour takes a breakfast stop at El Navasillo restaurant, where traditional Spanish Breakfast is served in a rural kind of setting. Local bread called Pan Cateto was served with Olive oil.Navasillo is about 15 KMs from Ronda.
El Navasillo,Spain
The mountains are a constant companion all along the way and the road is now new,smooth  and wide.The guide frequently pointed out the old road to Ronda and it was in such a dilapidated  condition that we could not believe anything other than a horse could have travelled on it.
Dark Clouds At El Navasillo
The dark clouds gathering on the mountains at Navasillo and they continued to follow us the whole day in Ronda also,breaking into a slight drizzle now and then.
New Bridge ,Ronda
Ronda is divided into two parts by the El Tajo Canyon which has been carved over the centuries by the Guadelevin River.There are 3 bridges over the gorge of Ronda, The Roman, Old and New Bridge. The new bridge was completed in 1791. The View from the new bridge is indeed breathtaking.
Bull at Bull Ring Ronda
Bull Fighting is a National Sport of Spain which dates back to prehistoric times in the Mediterranean where Bulls were sacrificed in Greece.In Ronda it started in the village squares and was later formalised with the building of the Ronda Bull Fighting Ring.
Ronda Bull fighting Ring
In 1572 King Phillip II created the Royal Cavalry order of Ronda which was an order for Noblemen to promote the proper training of noblemen in horsemanship,athletics and the spearing of bulls from horseback. If anybody can withstand a 500Kg bull charge and spear him,he can face any enemy in battle.

Mock Bull fight Ronda
The famous bull fighter of Ronda was Pedro Romero who killed more than 6000 bulls in his life of 102 years without ever sufferring as much as a scratch.Killing a bull involves using a special sword to sever the main blood vessel of the heart so asto bring down the bull instantly with a fountain of bull blood streaming out of the wound.

Bull Ring Details, Ronda
The bull ring of Ronda is the most elegant amongst all others in Spain and consists of double arches with each stand having 5 rows of seats,leaving no uncovered seating. The 66M dia ring is surround by a lane formed by two walls of sandstone-i think it is for safety.
There is a bull pen from where the bulls thunder into the ring. Outside there is amuseum which has weapons,saddlery and best of all paintings and old photgraphs fom which one can get an idea about the actual hapenings at the time.A guide is most useful because he can keep you spell bound by his enthralling pantomine of the fight.He does not leavemuch to imagination.
Santa Maria Church, Ronda
The Santa maria Church of Ronda.
Yatchs at Marabella, Spain
On the way back from Ronda the tour stopped at Marbella which is the most popular town amongst the wealthy visitors  of Northern European Countries. At the beach front can be seen huge Luxury Cruise ships and Luxury Yatchs . 

Marabella Luxury Yatchs
The popularity of Marbella was somewhat marred by some kidnappings in the eighties , but since then it has recovered its status as the most sought after holiday destination in winter amongst the Rich and the Wealthy.
Ernest Hemingway visted Ronda and was so impressed by the place that he based his famous novel For Whom The Bells Toll in Ronda.
The Chapter 10 scene  where landlord are being thrown off a cliff is the cliff in Ronda and is based on the happenings in Ronda in 1936.

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  1. Well written. Did you see the actual Bull Fight. Seems to be a really interesting place. If I go to Ronda then now I know where all to go. Adios