Thursday 1 December 2011

Munnar-The Hill Station of Kerala

Hills Of Munnar, India 
Munnar is the top  destination in Kerala South India.Set in the Western Ghats of Kerala it was the summer resort of the British Government   when there was colonial rule in India.Today Munnar is a popular tourist place for foreign travellers as well as Indian tourists loking for a cool hill station in South India. 
Mist and Clouds at Munnar

At 6000 ft it is pretty cold and the high point of a Munnar holiday is the clouds coming into your room so that you cannot see anything at all.
Endless Tea Gardens of Munnar,India
There are endless tea gardens beautifully laid out and cut and maintained at the appropriate height for best production of high quality tea. Tea needs flowing water and the Munnar slopes provide the perfect conditions.

Plucked Tea Leaves, Munnar, India
The tea leaves are plucked by ladies who are properly trained and skilled and after plucking the leaves are wrapped in bundles and left at fixed points from where the tea factory vehicle picks them up and takes them to the processing plant that is located at the top most point of Munnar.
Boat Ride in Munnar Lake
The water which flows down the slopes forms a river which finally flows into a large lake. Some enterprising people have brought sped boats and provide a thrilling high speed ride. 
Speed Boat at Munnar
Chocolate making is a household industry in Munnar and one can purchase various types of extremely delicious chocolates at a tenth of the price of their Swiss counterparts.

Resort At Munnar
Mahindra has an excellent resort in Munnar and has individual rooms as well as cottages. The resort in Munnar is about 3 hours drive from Cochin airport and the resort also arranges a pickup from the airport.It is an enjoyable drive with the 45 degree temperature slowly reducing to 1 degree as you drive up the road to  6000 ft .

Forests of Munnar
There are various types of trees and wild animals in the forest of Munnar with wild elephants being the most dangerous of the lot.

Boat ride in The backwaters of Cochin
Boat Ride In the Backwaters of Cochin
While passing through Cochin enroute to Munnar a boat ride in the back waters of Kerala and a walk on the Kovalam beach should be a part of the trip.
Kovalam Beach, Cochin,India
We asked for the famous prawns at the Kovalam beach and what we got was tiny cockroach shaped miniatures which were just not edible.
Sea Food ,Cochin
However at the hotel restaurant we  enjoyed the best sea food ever tasted.
The Hills,Beaches and Cuisine make Kerala a top destination among places to travel and Munnar is a cool and pleasant tourist place.

The best way to reach Munnar from Delhi is to take a 2hour 40 minutes flight to Kochi and then drive 140 Kms on an extremly beautiful road to Munnar.

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  1. Interesting to know that chocolate making is almost a cottage industry in Munnar! Would love to try some homemade chocolate covered cashews. Looking forward to reading some more great and informative writing.

  2. Very well articulated with gorgeous photographs... Munnar is simply overwhelming.... one of my favorite destination...