Thursday 27 October 2011

Salzburg River-A Thrilling River Cruise

Amadeus on the Salzburg River, Austria

The Amadeus River Cruiser on the River of Salzburg. It has  350 HP Twin jet engines to sail against the fast current of the Salzach. The captain gives a running commentary but only in German.The cruise was pretty much in demand and we had to wait for 3 hours for our turn. We used the time to go to Mozart House and Doppler house where there were tourists from all countries lining up to get photographed in front of the tourist place. However Mozart was  better known than Doppler and although it surprised me my son   Akshay commented  that artists are  always  more popular than scientists. In India , everybody knows Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore but what about Aryabhatt who got zero for giving us zero. We cruised on the Salzach in the Amadeus for one and a half hours from one end of Salzburg River  to the other and then back, trying to figure out  the running commentary in German. All we could make out were the names of the places and the year when the buildings were built. It was fun especially when the captain made the Amadeus waltz in the middle of the river of Salzburg(by playing with the engines and the steering) to the loudly played tune of one of Mozart's famous compilations and the passengers gave a round of applause before disembarking.  Indeed ,a good pilot, can make a cruise doubly enjoyable and the place a top destination.

Amadeus Coming in to Dock on the River of Salzburg
Please note the beautiful large houses on the bank of the Salzburg River. Some of them are reportedly available for sale for approx US$ 2 Million or thereabouts. 

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