Sunday 23 October 2011

The Roast- Fresh Coffee

The Roast-Vienna Airport
The Roast near our departure gate No 44 was serving coffee with freshly roasted and crushed coffee beans and the smell of coffee was refreshing after the disturbed sleep on the flight and the cool temperature of the airport lounge. The crowd at Vienna Airport was about 10% of what we see at our own T3 at IGI, but probably because it was Saturday morning. After a hearty breakfast topped with freshly roasted/crushed coffee we were ready to board the aircraft for Salzburg.
 Austria has a very small population of 18 Million people and it was evident because there was nobody to check our boarding passes. The process was fully automated with machines reading our boarding passes. We boarded a bus which took us to the aircraft parked about 500 M away. The temperature of 7 deg C was slightly chilling. Remember there is no such thing as bad or good weather. We are simply improperly dressed.

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