Saturday 22 October 2011

A Hot Cup Of Tea At Vienna Airport 7 AM

Tea at Vienna Airport Austria
The flight to Vienna, Austrian Airways OS34 took off at 150 AM ,dot on time. It was a comfortable flight with full service of Food and Drinks throughout the 7 hours and landed at 6 AM at Vienna International Airport . There was a queue for immigration but moving extremely fast and before we could say phew we were enjoying a hot cup of morning tea at AIREST restaurant. It was a typical coffee house type restaurant with Self Service and you could sit comfortably for as long as desired which is the true Austrian Coffee House culture. We then searched our departure gate for Salzburg which was the closest airport to our final destination Bad Gastein. Bad Gastein is the third important destination in Austria after Vienna and Salzburg and is one of the most popular Ski Areas in Europe.There is an excellent video of Bad Gastein in winter on You Tube and which  gives a real feel about the place in winter.

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