Sunday 23 October 2011

WA Mozart Airport Salzburg-The Gateway To The Skiing Areas Of Austria.

 W A Mozart Airport,Salzburg
Salzburg is the second largest city of  Austria and is named after the Salt Mines which were owned by the Archbishop of Salzburg and the ships carrying the salt used to come down the Salsa River for onward distribution to European cities.The W A     Mozart Airport of Salzburg is named after the famous music-composer of the 18th century who was born in Salzburg. The  airport is small, but efficiently run and the descent into the airport is particularly impressive as you come flying in through the mountains.
Departure Lounge, WA  Mozart Airport, Salzburg 
WA Mozart Airport is the gateway to the excellent,vast and numerous ski areas of Austria in the eastern alps.The ski areas come to life during the ski season which lasts from November to March.With powered flights starting in 1910, the WA Mozart airport handles about 2 million passengers annually. There is free wi fi  internet service available all over the airport .There are excellent restaurants in the departure hall and excellent  beer bars in the arrival lounge for a befitting start to a holiday.The Stiegel Terminal  is famous for its fresh beers and the Mayday Bar and Takeoff Bar serve a wide array of excellent drinks. The Ikarus restaurant at Hangar 7 offers high class gastronomic delights. 
The shopping area is called a shopping street and lies between the arrival and departures hall. Retail shops are lined in this street selling souvenir items, jewelry, accessories, clothing, newspapers, maps, tobaccos, books, snacks and so much more. Duty free shop is located in the departure lounge.

Boarding Gate, WA Mozart Airport 

There is a Taxi Stand right outside the exit of the arrival lounge and the drivers are extremely friendly, helpful, courteous, relaxed and knowledgeable and seem to know everything about the whole area. The taxis are well maintained, tidy, neat and clean and therefore the  first impression of Salzburg is excellent.  
All the above make Salzburg a top destination among places to travel and surrounding ski areas a popular tourist place.

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