Sunday 23 October 2011

Salzburg to Bad Gastein By Road-A thrilling experience by itself.

Snow Capped Alps at Bad Gastein
Snow Capped Alps,Bad Gastein
The drive from WA`Mozart Airport to Bad Gastein in Mercedes S Class Taxi was 120 KMs and took just about an hour. The knowledgeable driver was friendly,polite and courteous and kept explaining the signs, sights, roads, towns which we passed through, weather ,in fact we knew all about Bad Gastein by the time we reached. Tourism brings in maximum revenue for Austria.
Road From Salzburg To Bad Gastein, Austria

The journey was mostly an up hill drive through mountains and clear water streams from the melting snows. We were informed by our driver/guide that during  April and May when the melting of snow is at its peak the water from the streams overflows onto the road. The water was absolutely clear and we could see fish . White ware rafting is another adventure which can be enjoyed in the streams.Bad Gastein is at a height of 1000M and the temperature slowly fell from 23 to a pleasant13 DegC.
Mountains With Pine Trees
The mountains were covered with Pine Trees which gave way to grass at the higher altitudes . The grass in turn gave way to red colored mountaintops and in some cases to snow capped mountains which looked absolutely magnificent.Brightly colored para gliders could be seen leisurely circling among the snow capped peaks.
On the way are the  two major towns, Dorfgastein which is a ski resort and Bad Hofgastein which is famous for its spa and water treatments. The road runs along the Gasteiner valley which is about 2 miles across and on both sides of the road there were green meadows with cows grazing on them.
 Meadows and Cows in Gasteiner Valley
Cows in the Gasteiner Valley, Austria
Also along the road there is the railway track from Salzburg   and the trains can be seen moving in both directions.  By  using the Gasteiner pass one can get good discount on the bus, train and cable car.
Train between Salzburg and Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein is a dual season resort with Skiing in winter and trekking in summer, both in the Eastern Alps being the activities.It is now becoming a top destination in Austria among the places to travel and the surrounding tourist places are now also inceasing in popularity.

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