Tuesday 1 November 2011


We boarded the  PostBus from the Bahnof, purchased our discounted tickets using the Gastein card and were on our way to Dorfgastein.  Dorfgastein is another part of Gastein area where there is a  medieval castile/fortress the kind which used to dot Europe in the middle ages. A visit to the castle does give an idea about the kind of life in the middle ages. There are some wonder full Ski Slopes with a Mirror Lake and Fulseck mountain top or hiking in Summer and Skiing  when there is snow. It is again an Alpine valley town devoted to tourism and Ski Sports.

After getting off from the bus there was a 2KM walk with a stiff gradient to Klammstein castle. The owner purchased the Klammstein castle and converted the same into a tourist destination. At the same time the interiors have been maintained as close as possible to the original although there is a good restaurant in the lawns surrounding the Castle. The owner is extremely enthusiastic about his Fortress and  on the slightest encouragement launches into a detailed  colorful description of the articles inside the 4 floors of the fortress. In German. But the pantomine accompanying the monologue is quite graphic and one can have fairly good idea. There was a box with VI  Ghast written on that. We thought there was a ghost inside the box. The enthusiastic guide told us to look inside the box. With apprehension we opened the box and found a mirror inside which showed our faces. It was indeed amusing becoming ghosts in Klammstein because somehow  the whole atmosphere was such. Later on we found out that Ghast means Very Important Guest and not Very Important Ghost. We could not find any toilets on any floor of the Fortress.

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