Wednesday 2 November 2011

Snowfall In Bad Gastein

Snowfall In Bad Gastein, Austria

It just started at 9AM on 1st Oct 2011. The raindrops changed to snow flakes floating in slow motion towards the ground and in just 1 hour Bad Gastein became white.This was the first snow fall of the season.Snow means the beginning of the Skiing season when the whole area comes to life.Skiers from all over Europe flock to the snow covered slopes and the Chairlifts and  Cable Cars run 24 hours every day and the Bars,restaurants, pubs,discos and the only Casino have the cash registers ringing continuously.

First Seasonal Snowfall, Bad Gastein
 We took a cab and went to the Stubnerkogel Cable Car to ride up to the mountain top. The whole area was covered with snow and the slopes which were earlier brown were now absolutely white.For people coming from tropical countries where there is no snow at all, standing in the cool breeze and snow flakes  floating all around is indeed a thrilling experience.  
Car Park of Stubnerkogelbahn Base Station
The cable cars were covered with fresh snow and we could not see much.The snow on the cable cars was increasing the weight also and had to be regularly cleaned.Since there were few tourists the cable car system was stopped.But as the number of tourists increased additional cars were pressed into service and the system was running continuously.
Cable Cars in Snow,Bad Gastein
The tall pine trees which on our earlier trip were standing tall and high were now bent with the weight  of the snow.The tourists in Bad Gastein were enjoying the snowfall and there was a group of American Tourists from New Jersey who wanted to go hiking in the snow all the way up from the mid point. But the staff did not allow them,probably they felt it was not safe.
Snow Laden Pines,Bad Gastein
We reached Stubnerkogel and there was nothing but snow all around. This time in the restaurant ,instead of the staple Stiegl Beer , Hot Chocolate was the most favoured drink  being enjoyed with Hot Apple Strudel and  whipped cream.The staff in the summit restaurant were not at all busy and were suggesting various dishes to beat the cold.
Snow Over Stubnerkogelbahn Summit Station
The snow on the ground was almost a foot thick and walking with shoes required some effort and it was slippery too. Since the snow as still falling the fresh snow as very soft and not at all slippery.
Thick Snow At Stubnerkogel Summit
After an hour of freezing we decided to go down  to Bad Gastein .The attendants of the cable car wiped the snow off the cable car windows and then we could get a clear view outside.
Interesting Video Of Cable Car Station In Snow
It did not last long -fresh snow accumulated again. It was snowing continuously at the top with a strong wind also blowing resulting in the cars swaying from side to side. Probably they cleared the snow to reduce the weight of the Cable cars also. 
Inside the Cable Car
We reached Bad Gastein and promptly headed for the Chinese restaurant across the Bahnof , for an excellent meal, hearty  both in terms of taste and the price. It was our last day in Bad Gastein and everybody congratulated us for seeing the first snowfall of the season.
China Restaurant Bad Gastein
Located in the city centre the China serves good Chinese food but is different from what it tastes in China or Hongkong. Probable it has been adapted for the tourists who come for skiing. 
Inside China Restaurant, Bad Gastein
China is tastefully  decorated on the inside and view outside is equally good-typically Alpine.
Snow Covered Alps From China Restaurant

Sharkfin Soup At The China Restaurant-Bad Gastein


  1. Very interesting read and really enjoy the references to various gastronomic delights enjoyed during the visit; after all trying various local culinary specialties is one of the major part of traveling experience.

  2. Yes Geeti I fully agree with you. We enjoyed the gastronomic delights of Orlando with you and Sudhanshu and that was more than 50% of the fun. Thanks for the comment . Pls continue commenting.

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