Tuesday 1 November 2011

Fulseck Dorfgastein

A walk of 3 KMs from the Bus Stop brought us to the Cable Car taking people to Fulseck. The 4 KM climb to 7000 ft is covered in 2 stages in 6 minutes. After roaming around on the mountain top in the chilling breeze for 1 hour we felt we had earned ourselves a hearty lunch and proceeded to order one each at the Montain Top Restaurant. The lunch consisted of a foot long sausage , a good 2 inches in dia and equally big piece of bread. With some effort the meal was finished,rounded off with Eskimo Ice Cream. Somehow the logo of Eskimo was very close to that of our our Walls ice cream.

We visited the mirror lake, but could not figure out why it was called so. In the Ski season the water of the Mirror lake is used to manufacture artificial snow which is showered on to the Ski Tracks to ensure a good skiing experience for the tourists.
We took the Cable Car back to the valley and thereafter the Postbus took us to Bad Gastein. The people all around were excited and frequently looking up a the dark clouds which were beginning to cover the mountain tops. We asked and were informed by the girl at the Hotel Reception that the seasons first snowfall was expected that night. Our excitement also shot up upon hearing this and we quickly reconfirmed the same from the Weather Channel on the internet. The air was getting chilled and the walk to the Chinese Restaurant , later that night was quite chilling-literally and figuratively.                                                                       

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