Saturday 5 November 2011

Vienna by Boat and Bus

It was raining . It was chilly , the weather not at all favourable for a walking exporation expedition, therefore we opted for a popular Vienna by Boat and Bus Tour. The boat sails down the Danube , and later enters the Danube Canal. The Danube is the 2nd longest river  in Europe at 2480 KMs. In the late 19th century a canal was dug for transportation and water supply and Vienna expanded on the sides of the canal. There is a height difference of 12 ft between the Danube and its canal and as result there is lock system which the boat enters and the water is pumped out to reduce its height by 12ft, and then the boat enters the canal.  The process takes about 20 minutes and by studying it one could imagine what happens at the Panama and Suez Canals where about a dozen locks have to be negotiated.
Boat On The Danube
We boarded the Boat and settled down for the ride.
Admiral Tegetthoff On The Danube,Vienna

The orders for the coffee and the snacks placed the boat was moving down the Danube with a running commentary in German,with which we were now becoming familiar. 
The Refuse incinerator was pointed out with the comment that it was the most good looking refuse incinerator in the world. Because of the clouds the photographs did not come out clearly and a printed copy of a picture of the Most Beautiful Refuse Incinerator has  been inserted here.
Vienna Refuse Incinerator.
 The boat stopped at the lock for 20 mins and then entered the Danube Canal and finally stopping at the City Centre where a Bus was waiting to complete the tour . Since the weather was bad we could see the sights of Vienna only from inside the bus. The bus took us around the city and up into the surrounding mountains so that we could see and admire Vienna from the mountain top. But it was not to be. Clouds obscured any view of Vienna from the mountain top.

Three famous Musicians lived and performed  in Vienna at the famous Opera House and this made Vienna the Music Capital of the world. Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven.

The Mozart Memorial

Strauss Memorial

Beethoven Memorial    
Opera House, Vienna
Albert Einstein also lived in Vienna for some time  before emigrating to the US in 1933.

I once read a very interesting story about Einstein in a Reader's Digest issue. A lady had invited a number of guests to meet Albert Einstein at her house. When everybody had arrived music composed by Mozart and Strauss was being played. Einstein asked one of the guests how he felt about the particular composition that was being played. The guest replied that he did not have an ear for music. Einstein took the guest up to a separate room and for the next 2 hours explained the basics of music leading up to the complex compositions of Mozart and Strauss and Beethoven . After 2 hours both came down ,the hostess  not  at all happy at Mr Einstein being monopolised by only one guest for 2 hours , but that guests life had changed. Not only ears but he had a life for music which he could REALLY appreciate. The story was in 1st Person narrated by the guest himself . Before the evening ended the charming hostess asked Mr. Einstein"If you were not a mathematician what would you havebeen?" The reply" Music Composer".
 Inside the Opera House


                                     Video Of Opera House

                                     Vienna By Boat
Some photographs have been taken from a book which we purchased on the Bus. "VIENNA Sightseeing in 123 Colour Photographs"


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  2. I am convinced about visiting Austria after reading about your experience! Am especially fascinated by Vienna's being the world's music capital! Vikram

  3. Thanks. It is a good decision and will be very enjoyable.Do go to a concert at the main concert hall one of the evenings.
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